New Zealanders have made it clear that the current gaps in knowledge of our histories are not okay. Imbalance in how our history is told and valued contributes to enduring inequity between tangata whenua and tauiwi.

New Zealanders have also made it clear that they want the next generation to be able to apply lessons from the past as they shape our future. In order to do this we need to know our own local histories, and that is our challenge.


Prime Minister Jacinda Adern in her speech to the nation on Waitangi Day 2022 said ...


"We are a country that takes pride in our heritage. A small island nation in the Pacific with voyaging roots from both Hawaiki and Europe.  Across Aotearoa there are stories of our arrival, stories of settlement, stories of conflict and of unity, of hope and hardship. These stories are our stories. And learning, sharing and acknowledging these stories that trace back to many different shores is crucial to our connections to one another."


"I look forward to the future where our tamariki come home and share with us the history of our country and the places where they live and grow."


At the end of this learning journey we are going to make videos about parts of our local history and share them with whānua and others on the Kōrinorino local history gallery. The focus of our story telling in our videos will be on the interactions between, and contributions of, tangata whenua and tauiwi that have led to the making of our place. Before we get to making our videos we are going to explore the settlement of Aoteaora New Zealand and what that looked like in our particular place. We are also going to go for a sail at a local sailing club to get a feel for what it must have been like for Kupe and Cook to sail to New Zealand all those years ago. Armed with this knowledge we will then make and share our own videos showcasing the local history of our place. 

Finding our way

One thing that unites tangata whenua and tauiwi is the journeys made across the ocean to arrive at Aotearoa New Zealand. Both groups of people navigated their way to these shores using the stars and other wayfinding signs in nature. Let's spend a bit of time learning about different ways of navigating and mapping a course.

Plot a course

How did tangata whenua and tauiwi navigate across the ocean? 


Latitude, Longitude and the GPS

How do latitude, longitude and the GPS work and how are they used?


Make a compass

Find out how compasses work and make one of your own.

QR the school

Navigate your way around school using QR codes as clues.

Tangata whenua meets tauiwi

Having made epic journeys to these shores tangata whenua and tauiwi began interacting with each other. Let's spend some time exploring what the early interactions were like in general as well as in our place specifically.

Kupe's travels

Who was Kupe and why is he important in Aotearoa New Zealand?


Tangata whenua migration

When, how and why did tangata whenua come to your place?


Tauiwi migration

When, how and why did tauiwi come to your place?


Our place 150 years ago

What was your place like 150 years ago?

Our tūrangawaewae

Time to zoom in a bit further. Let's spend a bit of time learning about our place in the world and how we each came to be here, as well as the signs of what came before us that are still here in our place.

Where are we?

Where is your place in the world?

How does it connect to the world?


How did I get here?

When and how did your whānau come to Aotearoa and where did they come from originally?  


Marks from the past

What are some landmarks from the past in your place?


What's in a name?

Choose a local street or place name and find out where it came from.



Yachting New Zealand have set up Kōrinorino providers around Aotearoa New Zealand to deliver a day long Kōrinorino sailing experience to classes of up to 30 students. During the day we will go to a sailing club or commercial provider and go sailing to feel what it must have been like for Kupe & Cook as they voyaged to these shores. We will also get some insights into navigation techniques and aides and use these in a treasure hunt for information on our local settlement stories.  Watch the video below to get a feel for how sailing experiences integrate with the classroom experiences. Then go to our sailing experience page to get more detail about the sailing experience component of Kōrinorino.

A video, explaining what happens during the sailing experience day, will be added here after the piloting phase of the project which is taking place with the Motu Kairangi Kāhui Ako and Worser Bay Boating Club in Wellington during the first half of 2022




Your mission is to research and share parts of our local history in a short video.

Choose one of the elements of your local history that you have uncovered during the Kōrinorino learning journey. It could be a street name, it could be an event, it could be a feature in your community.


Try and link your story telling to the interactions between tangata whenua and tauiwi that have led to the making of our place.

Once you have created your video use the upload tool to add it to the Kōrinorino Local History Gallery and share it with your whānau and others around Aotearoa New Zealand.

Good luck!