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Learning Intention:


To understand the journey that I, my whānau and my ancestors have all taken and how that has lead to me being here today. 



We are a nation of immigrants. One thing that is common for all of us is that somewhere in our past our ancestors came to Aotearoa New Zealand from somewhere else. To get us started lets have a look at look at some interviews with recent immigrants to Aotearoa New Zealand.

Discuss what were some of the reasons these people gave for coming to Aotearoa New Zealand and what did they find that was different when they got here? What are some other reasons why people come to this land?

Thanks to Immigration NZ for the video

Map your journey to here.


In the 'Where are we?' activity we worked out the coordinated of where successive generations of your whānau were born. Now lets take that information and plot it on a map of the world. See how many generations back you can go by discussing this with your parents or caregivers and plot all of these steps on your map. How long does it take before your map leaves the shores of Aotearoa New Zealand? Discuss with your parents and caregivers the reason why your whānau came to be in this place and why other members of your whānau may have moved in the past. Write this up as a family history to go alongside of your map.   

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