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Learning Intention:


To research names of streets, parks, and other features around our place and to be able to describe what they tell us about our place 



In this activity we are going to make an interactive street name list.


We will research our local history and make QR codes that link to the information that we find.  The instructions for making QR Codes are in the 'QR the school' activity. In this activity we will use the TXT option for our QR code.


The focus is on the names of streets, parks and other features in our area.

Here's the steps we need to follow.

  • Zoom in on map of your local area and write down the names of streets, parks and other features.

  • Alternatively, in the Wellington context, you might like to explore The Streets of my city, Wellington New Zealand, by F. L. Irvine-Smith to find a street park or feature to write about. 

  • In pairs choose two street names or features and research where the name for the street or feature came from.

  • Make a QR code that contains information about history behind the street, park or feature. 

  • As a class make a document for storing all your QR Codes.

  • Type the name of the street or feature into the document in alphabetical order.

  • Paste your QR codes along side each street or feature.

Print out copies of the list for everyone. Take your whānau for an interactive walk stopping to scan the appropriate QR code to find out information on each street, park or feature on the list.

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