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Learning Intention:


To know facts about the history of our school.

To be able to use points of the compass and distance to describe how to find a location.



We are going to create a treasure hunt around our school so people can use points of the compass and QR code technology to find out some facts about our history.


1. To start with we need to find out about the history of our school.


  • When was the school established?

  • How was the school named?

  • What are some of the facts and figures about the school over the years that others might want to know?

2. Now we know some facts about our school history we are going to record them using QR codes.

  • Choose one fact that you are going to record

  • Go to

  • Choose 'text' as the type of QR code you want to generate.

  • Fill in the details of the facts you want to present.

  • Choose X as the type of frame you want, which means your code won't have a frame!

  • Click the download button to get a JPG image of your QR code.

  • Print out your code, cut it out and laminate it.

3. Now we are going to make a 'school history treasure hunt' for the class.

  • Use blue tack to place your QR code somewhere around the school.

  • Write instructions for others to find the QR code using distance and compass directions from a known point at school.

  • Give your instructions to your teacher so they can be added to instructions from others from your class to make up a 'school history treasure hunt'.

  • You've got half an hour to find and scan as many QR cards around the school as possible using the QR code scanner on a mobile phone.  

  • Come back together, and share the facts about the school history with the rest of your class. 

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