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Learning Intention:


To research Kupe's journey of discovery and to understand its importance in the subsequent settlement of Aotearoa New Zealand. 


Lets get warmed up by the learning the song 'We know the way' from the Disney film Moana. Watch the video which includes the lyrics for the song. Then have a go at singing it as a class. Practice makes perfect so keeping going until you have it nailed!

Thanks to Disney and Music Vevo for the video

Now with the song firmly in our mind lets explore the stories of Kupe the discoverer. Toitu Te Whenua and Te Kete Ipurangi present two versions of the Kupe's story.  Check out these two sites and learn about Kupe's journey, keeping a focus on any references to Kupe's time in and around your place.

What did you find out?


  • Who gave the first name to the Islands we live on, what was that name and what was their relationship to Kupe?

  • Did Kupe spend any time around your place and did he leave any names that are still used there today

  • What did Kupe do on his return to Hawaiki which ultimately lead to the migration of tangata whenua to Aotearoa?

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